Stephen WA Baxter
21st Century Predictions

As we proceed into the 21st century many things have changed. Most people now carry a computer in their pocket whose capabilities we could not even have imagined in the 1970’s. The Smartphone has almost limitless capabilities - from banking to buying to selling.

Some may be critical of globalisation but perceptive individuals see progress and opportunity. Government is keeping up with progress and Ian Duncan Smith is leading big changes in Welfare with an open source IT solution ready to welcome customers.

Government itself is evolving with the devolved administrations performing well in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. More importantly the people have been empowered to make change through social media and other Internet media.

Tim Berners Lee had the vision to create a CERN system to share information between researchers. Today the Internet reaches out across the globe. We can interact with both man and machine from continent to continent.

We have already seen a growth in leisure time. Our recent success at the London Olympics not only shows the depth of our capabilities in sport but also that London is a global centre - capital of the World.

Sir Clive Sinclair pioneered the home computer and a number of other devices now commonplace.
His C5 likewise was a giant leep in electric transportation now commonplace as the Nissan Leep for example.

We are moving away from Fossil Fuels and growing renewables at an Incredible rate. The Wind farm at Eaglesham Moor provides power for our Electric vehicles. Solar and Wave Power have come of Age.

There is no doubt we are in the second phase of Space Exporation. Man will reach Mars after returning to the Moon. We have a tremendous appetite to explore and one day we will make contact with other worlds who at this moment are no doubt planning to contact us.

Stephen WA Baxter
9 Jan 2014

Check out the Strawberry or Mango Smoothies. £2-50
Gluten free Fruit Cake £1-50

Check out the Strawberry or Mango Smoothies. £2-50
Gluten free Fruit Cake £1-50

New fruit juice for children at McDonalds. Route 66 meals for Mums and Dads

New fruit juice for children at McDonalds. Route 66 meals for Mums and Dads


We are seeing many infrastructure developments in the UK. We have new power sources, those being Solar, Wind and Wave. At the same time we have a plan to renew our Nuclear Power capability in contrast to Germany who will pull the plug eitjin eight years.
The mobile system has already transitioned to 4G in some teritories and A

EU Battery Directive

Its working well in terms of shops having the drop off points and the public filling them up.
The torch I purchased on Ebay came without the Alkaline batteries that come new from Maglite. Great I fitted by low discharge rechargeables.
Now we need to tackle lithium cells that have no obvious alternative. They can be designed out in many cases. Apple and Nikon remotes for example.


I took the opportunity to read some of the literature last night. As a Physicist its absolutely fascinating and takes us to a new class of technology.
With a semi clean room you can fabricate graphene yourself. You can use the visual colour of the layer to infer
the thickness of the layer.
But its in electronics that we now have a new material that out performs silicon. We can create a transistor with a single electron in the gate region. Electrons travel so much faster in carbon than silicon. THz instead of GHz.


The Artic

Internet Three or M2M

Did we see a vision of the next iteration
of the Internet at the M2M or Machine to Machine conference held at Freescale Semiconductor in Scotland yesterday? Absolutely we did with presentations from Oracle, Google, IBM, Freescale, Neul, McClaren and others. Something like 50 Billion new devices will be designed, manufactured, sold then connected to the Internet over the next five to ten years.
This will include the humble Toaster, the Waterway monitor and the electricity monitor. Whole cities will be run from central locations with large amounts of data generated, transmitted and then analysed. This means greater levels of automation and yes the requirement for fewer people.
Its a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to design new products and services using new intelligent machines to create a more sustainable future.
Disruptive technologies will enable the founding of new companies that will join the likes of Google and Apple
at the cutting edge of technology.
Neul (gaelic for Network) will use license free airways to create a network
for billions to connect to. Will this co-exist with 4G or replace it ?Only time will tell as economics and consumer preferance determine the winners and losers in the technology race.

Vegetarian Chilli Cone Carne with non-alchoholic Beer

Having used beef, pork and turkey mince here is the vegetarian recipe. Serves six/eight


Quorn chilled mince circa 300g

One large red onion (white onion alternative)

One 400g tin of plum (or chopped) tomatoes

One 400g tin of red kidney beans

One small tin tomato puree

300ml hot water

2 tablespoons Swiss Vegetable Bouillon

1 tsp mild chilli powder

1 tsp paprika

1 tsp oregano

tobasco sauce to taste

10 red chillis (jar)

50g brown basmati rice


Separetley brown the onion and mince.

Once browned add onion to mince.

Add all other ingredients except rice and chillis.

Simmer for 30 mins adding chillis 10 mins before end

Seperately cook the basmati rice

Serve with bottle of Becks Blue Alcohol Free Beer or M&S Fruit flavoured sparkling water.

Remembering the Fallen

I attended the Gathering the Memories event at The David Livingstone Centre today on the basis that the event was about Family history. I sat through the first presentation by a member of Lanarkshire Family History Society explaining the essential tools and methods for Scotland. The second event was titled “Lanarkshire Yeomanry”. I was down in the exhibition area and thought it wise to inquire “What is Yeomanry”. I was given a history that this was a civil defence force that was composed of people who had access to a horse ie at that time the middle classes.  Further explanation followed and I started to think about my grandfather’s family who owned their own horses so were middle class. I sat on the the Yeomanry event then Lanrakshire War Memorials and then the Battlefields and Cemetries of France and Flanders.

How fortunate my generation is not to have experienced a World War. We have quite a responsibility to keep the peace and make institutions like The United Nations, NATO and the European Union work. We can learn so much from the study of history and applying the lessons today. 

We must be constantly vigilant and pro-active against existing and future threats to our freedoms. We have been fighting a war on terror for ten years. Most recently the Arab Spring has brought additional democracy to the world but the revolution is by no means over.

We must always seek to negoitiate settlement and avoid war. But as we learned from the dictator Adolf Hitler we must not appease dictators. We must be prepared to use our military force as a last resort for example in Libya to protect innocent civilians.  We must all be prepared to make a contribution whether in civilian or military duty.